MARQUE GILMORE “Interactive Tribalistic Specialist” 

Acoustic-Electric Drumz & Percussion; Future-Music & ReMiX Production; Composer; Arranger; Multi-Cultural Arts Practitioner; Youth Music Workshop & Master-Class Leader/Teacher; Improvisation Specialist;
DJ Sound Sculpture; Interactive Performance-Lecturer; Future-Arts Conceptualist


“To be remembered as the Father of Live Drum & Bass. Welcome to the Future of Soul.” 
Will Ashon, FADER Magazine – NYC


“Gilmore blows them all away. We'll only realise how important he is in years to come.”
John Lewis – Timeout-London


 "Marque Gilmore was playing Jungle before it was invented - and playing it live...
the man who first put drums into drum'n'bass."

Kevin Le Gendre – The GUARDIAN, November 1999



Marque Gilmore ‘the inna•most’, born in Cambridge Massachusetts, is critically acclaimed worldwide as a superbly innovative drummer/percussionist, future-music producer/composer and live electronic music performance pioneer. For nearly 35 years Marque has been working globally as a professional musician, producer and cultural arts practitioner with his flagship music & multi-media performance project DRUM-FM.
And from its London/Brooklyn inception in the early 1990s, Marque’s drumming and live performance concepts literally developed and pioneered the musical sub-genre known as Live DRUM'n'BASS! -aka- Live DnB! 


Over the course of his global career, Marque has also shared his future-bound music & “Interactive Tribalistic” drumming with high-level pop, dance, Jazz and Hip-Hop/R&B artists from STING to MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO; providing his specialized live drumming & recorded drum-loops to underground dance & electronic music innovators from Drum & Bass pioneers GOLDIE, CONGO NATTY (Rebel MC) and A GUY CALLED GERALD
to electronic music guru ROBERT MILES; special live & recording projects with classical music virtuosos such as French-Italian pianist KATIA LABEQUE & Russian violin-prodigy VIKTORIA MULLOVA; long-time collaborations with Malian master musician & Grammy-nominated producer/arranger CHEICK TIDIANE SECK, with over 20 years of live concerts with Cheick alongside some of Mali and West Africa's most important and influential Grammy-nominated artists (including singer OUMOU SANGARE, kora-master TOUMANI DIABATE and “the new-Oumou” FATOUMATA DIAWARA, Afrobeat Legend TONY ALLEN and original African Star MANU DIBANGO among many other international artists); over 10-years of touring and recording with Cuban piano virtuoso OMAR SOSA resulting in two Grammy-nominated albums featuring Marque’s distinctive production work
(“Across The Divide” & “Eggun” co-produced by Marque); plus years of work with various Indian classical, contemporary and future South Asian artists such as the UK’s tabla maestros TALVIN SINGH and AREF DURVESH,
the legendary innovative DJ/Producer/Educator STATE OF BENGAL (RIP), Tamil-Londoner hybrid-vocalist SUSHEELA RAMEN, composer/producer NITIN SAWHNEY and traditional Bengali Sufi Master PABAN DAS BAUL;
with an absolute career highlight of becoming a touring member of legendary Jazz-Fusion pioneer keyboardist/composer JOE ZAWINUL’s ZAWNUL SYNDICATE (2003).


Fast-forward to NOW, Gilmore’s 2021-2023 releases, upcoming live & studio recordings & touring: 


Burnt Sugar ANGELS OVER OAKANDA + Marque Gilmore ReMiXeS (Released 23 Sept, 2021): 
From the hive-mind of Burnt Sugar Arkestra the Chamber comes “ANGELS OVER OAKANDA.”
A new four-song suite of Conducted Improvisations and home studio orchestrations which treat space-time

and genre like trans-dimensional silly-putty while giving polyphonic and multi-rhythmic dap to the
visionary legacies of The Moors and the Black Panther Party. Featured with this 4-track physical CD
and 6-track digital album, are two selections from Gilmore’s 5-track/41-minute ReMiX suite entitled
“The Reconstru-Ducted Repatriation Road-Rage ReMiXeS” - Based on his Live-Remix production style
(preserving an artist’s live performances and ensemble instrumentation), Gilmore under the production name “Inna Most” basically re-conducted the entire Oakanda affair digitally and created the beat-structures and harmonic production utilizing the combined sciences of Archeo-Astronomy and ancient Sumerian time-keeping connected to the long road of The Civil Rights Struggle and contemporary BLM-based thought in titles and text. Marque’s ReMiXeS have received rave reviews and features from The New Yorker, Downbeat and LondonJazz News
with the “Repatriation” remix signed to The WIRE’s April 2022 cover-CD Wire Tapper #58! 


Marque Gilmore & Burnt Sugar Live at NYC’s CARNEGIE HALL
AfroFuturism Festival 2022

From The New York Times, April 6, 2022: “This inaugural event explored a movement about denial and transcendence in the most institutional music hall in New York City... And for the festival’s closing night,
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, the genre-stirring big band that (Greg) Tate co-founded in the late 1990s, played two sets of thrashing, syncopated music: five vocalists, seven horn players,
two drummers and two bassists, all in the flow.” 


LIQUID STONE LIBATIONS: Multi-Media A/V-VR Installation Exhibitions (2021-2022): 
Project-leader, producer and creative-conceptualist for a Water-theme-based “Prayer-Ritual” in Sound, Image, Text, Object and Light; an interactive installation with original film for projection, commissioned music, printed fabrics, found artefacts and an immersive VR-component. Conceived and developed in 2021 for the
WATER WEIGHS Residency Programme sponsored by the European Union’s Creative Media initiatives with international arts and science organizations 3d-Research (Calabria, Italy), Atlantis Consulting (Athens, Greece)
and curated by SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin, Germany). The LIQUID STONE LIBATIONS installation premiered in Thessaloniki, Greece October 15; shifted to the SAVVY Contemporary Artspace in Berlin November 13 in the specially curated exhibition EMERGENT STRATEGIES OF THE DEEP; and finished in Cosenza, Italy
from mid-December through until April 2022. 


Cheick Tidiane Seck’s TIMBUKTU: The Music of RANDY WESTON featuring Manu Dibango (RIP):
Recorded at the historic Studio Pigalle in Paris and released on France’s infamous KOMOS Records Sept 2019,
touring pre- and post-pandemic re-booked concerts with international tours in 2021-2022 featuring special
guest appearances from the legendary saxophonist ARCHIE SHEPP 


PaulaNoel is an independent husband and wife duo based in Stockholm with members from Peru and Sweden. The duo teamed up with Gilmore during the pandemic ‘downtime’ of summer 2020 (finally, after meeting back in 2013) and they began their collaborations with music blending an alternative and diverse collage of global sounds with components of Jazz, Soul, Pop and Deep Electronica, reaching into the future centered in Justice,
The Climate and Human Rights. “Novum In-Ception” is about the exploitation of our planet, the dualities of
the human heart with fear, hate and meaningless violence but yet, with glimpses of hope...
More songs and accompanying videos to be released throughout 2021 with the full album release in 2023. 


DAVID GILMORE & MARQUE GILMORE featuring SHARRIF SIMMONS: “We Are Here” (25 March, 2022)
Finally, the Gilmore Brothers are united in a new collaboration for the upcoming double CD Compilation: 
BLACK LIVES – FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. Produced and conceived by wife-husband team
Stefany Calembert-Washington and bassist extraordinaire Reggie Washington for their Jammin’colorS
production company, the compilation features tracks from musical luminaries such as
Cheick Tidiane Seck, Marcus Strickland, Oliver Lake and Jean-Paul Bourelly among many more... 


VISITING PROFESSOR/GUEST LECTURER at the new London Performing Academy of Music [LPMAM]:
In Spring of 2020, Marque was invited to become a faculty member at LPMAM, a new Independent International Music Conservatoire in London offering high level Classical Music education for musicians of the 21st Century and by January 2021, Marque officially became FUTURE JAZZ DRUMS VISITING PROFESSOR.
With an international Faculty together in partnerships with key players of the Music Industry, LPMAM is a Unique Music Conservatoire for Innovation and Diversity. MISSION: To prepare a new generation of musicians that will shape the future of the Classical Music industry and push it into the XXI Century. Ready to Rock! 


YILIAN CANIZARES ReZiLieNZe EP Co-Production & ReMiX (“LUZ” - Released 1 July, 2022): 
Classically trained Cuban virtuoso violinist, declared ‘Revelation of the year’ by French weekly
Le Novel Observateur, personally invited Marque to join forces to reinvent her 2019 album ERZULIE for live performance. Fresh from their debut performance at the enigmatic TEDSummit, July 2019 in Edinburgh,
the new ensemble toured Europe & Martinique 2019, then started 2020 in Haiti! Post-pandemic concerts started with the successful return of YILIAN & THE MAROONS Quintet at Switzerland’s famous ONZE JAZZ Festival.
Marque was then invited as a co-producer and guest Remixer for Yilian’s 2022 EP-release “RESILIENCE”
resulting in the new track “LUZ” available of all online music platforms. 


SHARRIF SIMMONS: New recording project with spoken-word powerhouse and DefPoetryJam star!
After decades of friendship and multiple live collaborations since the early 90s, Gilmore and Simmons
(fresh from performing the opening slot for the opening ceremony of The World Games, Birmingham, Alabama!) have laid down a body of work expressing the varied conditions of Life on Earth and the Contusions in our Minds – A collection of original sonics, text and prayer-infused ambient foundations with reinterpretation/mash-ups
of the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Gil Scott-Heron and Jay-Z: WHEN IT BURNS, Volume II - Scheduled for release in 2023. A taste of their dynamic collaboration can be found on the 2021 release of the independent BLACK ROCK COALITION online Compilation ROCK ‘N’ ROLL REPARATIONS, V4: SONGS FROM THE BLACK FUTURE 


* 2023 will also see the emergence of new productions, EPs & ReMiXeS on Marque’s London-based recording label tribal broadcast recordings, including a series of special live & studio recordings of Marque’s Stockholm- based interactive concert-masterclass project KULT-U-REAL™ featuring unique collaborations with Scandinavian & International folk and traditional artists with the core ensemble P..S..3 (The “PAN-SCANDINAVIAN TRIO”),
featuring members from Norway, Senegal and Mozambique. 


** Plus more tracks and albums will be uncovered for digital release from Marque’s Brooklyn-London music archives DHM Enterprises, covering a Multi-Verse of musical genres and sonic pathways... including an upcoming compilation featuring this year’s inna-ReMiXeS and a special re-mastered collection of Archived Inna-Beatz: (2022) (2005) 


*** A highlight of 2019 to present was the re-link with arts entrepreneur Michael Andrew Smith aka
JazzHeadChronic and the launch of a new interactive dinner-club/rooftop lounge venue right in the middle of historic Peckham Rye in South London, THE CLF ART LOUNGE & ROOFTOP GARDENS.
In 2003, Gilmore and Smith co-founded the 21st century humanitarian “commercial-arts” organization
THE CHRONIC LOVE FOUNDATION™ (CLF) and in 2007 they launched their South London HQ
creating The CLF ART CAFÉ & WAREHOUSE at the infamous Bussey Building on Rye Lane, SE15.
The CLF ART CAFÉ became one of London’s highest-ranked music and arts centres, at #18 on
TimeOut’s 2018 list of the 50 most iconic London venues! Now, the CLF ART LOUNGE is one of South London’s most desired locations featuring a plethora of London and international musical and DJ talent.
Marque launched the venue as Artist-in-Residence since it’s opening in 2019 with Live sessions featuring both old school UK music legends guests such as Orphy Robinson, Steve Wiliamson, DJ LeRouge, Dean Mark,
as well as up and coming UK artists Ishani Chakravarti, Täpp Collective's Beka Reid,
"Future Bubblers" PLUMM and Lazy H plus bassist extraordinary Hamish Nockles Moore
from London's incredible LEVITATION ORCHESTRA... 


**** One of Marque’s earliest live music credits is his work as a founder-member of NYC’s influential music organization, THE BLACK ROCK COALITION (BRC) celebrated its 35th Anniversary with the release of
the compilation album BRC Vol.4: Songs from The Black Future - Showcasing Black Rockers
and progressive musicians from around the world who play from the edge of the past through the promise of the future, which includes a “Spoken-Rock’n’Word” track from Marque featuring his brother David and poet
Sharrif Simmons. Marque’s old-school experiences with the BRC includes playing drums with Rock’n’Roll songwriting icon OTIS BLACKWELL (songwriter & “voice” for ELVIS, Jerry Lee Lewis...),
pianist GERI ALLEN (RIP), legendary Jazz-Soul artist Roy Ayers, guitar icons Jeff Lee Johnson, Eric Gales
and Living Color’s VERNON REID 


**** Absolutely at the top of Marque’s highest honours as a performing musician/drummer
is to have played as a member of the infamous ZAWINUL SYNDICATE with Jazz keyboard/composer
legend JOE ZAWINUL [RIP], (co- founder of the seminal 1970’s Jazz-Fusion group Weather Report).
Continuing work with genre-defining and genre-defying keyboard players, 2015 kicked off with a live collaboration with African-American songwriting legend BRIAN JACKSON, famous for his groundbreaking songwriting and productions with the iconic revolutionary poet, musician and author GIL SCOTT-HERON. Together for Mr. Jackson’s NEW MIDNIGHT BAND, Marque joined forces with M1 from the seminal Hip-Hop group DEAD PREZ,
plus MARTIN LUTHER McKOY (the original guitarist from THE ROOTS) and bassist REGGIE WASHINGTON,
famous for his work with artists such as Branford Marsalis & Cassandra Wilson...
Future Soul for the Next Generation


ZAWINUL SYNDICATE Live in Moscow (2003) 

BRIAN JACKSON Live in London (2015) “Revolution...” 




Shortlist of Recent Music Performances & Cultural Arts Activities, 2016-2020


SEPT-NOV 2020: 

Musical Director for BLACK OCEAN, Composition & Performance Commission in collaboration with
The National Black Theatre Sweden (NBTS) winning the 2020 Stockholm Fringe Festival (SToFF) FRINGE AWARD
for Best Spoken Word Theatre Performance
. BLACK OCEAN’s featured performance at Sweden’s National Theatre Institute (DRAMATEN) was the very first Black Theatre production on Sweden’s National Theatre’s stage
in a first-time collaboration with the NBTS. 


AUG – DEC 2019: 

Artist-in-Residency, London: CLF ART LOUNGE concerts and collaborations
(Orphy Robinson OBE, Ishani Chakravarti, Steve Williamson, etc.) 


JULY 2019: 

Featured Artist at THE SPIRIT OF EURASIA: Eurasia Music Hub Festival & Conference
– Nur-Sultan, KAZAKHSTAN 


JUNE 2018 + MAY 2019:

Featured Artist at 6th & 7th Annual THE SPIRIT OF TENGRI: Contemporary Festival of Ethnic Music


OCT 2017 thru JUNE 2018: 

Performance-Lectures and Commissioned Musical Works with New York-based cultural-critic/writer/composer GREG TATE (RIP) and Martinique-French Mathematics Philosopher, Linguistics Professor
and Free Jazz Pioneer JACQUES COURSIL (SAVVY Contemporary, Hamburg-Berlin, 2018): 



MAY 2017: 

Featured on BBC Asian Network honouring Bengali-British Music Pioneer SAM ZAMAN aka State of Bengal
with the UK’s BLUE PLAQUE Award. (Previous Blue Plaque recipients include Hayden, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix...) 


MAY 2016 – JUNE 2017: 

Featured Performances of Gilmore’s KULT-U-REAL™ interactive youth-music
workshops and concert Project “Rhythm Power & Lotus Flowers”;
Sweden’s National Day Festivals x2 (June’16 & ’17); special music & performance commissions from the Musikcentrum Öst arts organizationfor Stockholm’s annual Kulturnätt (Culture Night) at
the Sweden Ethnographic Museum. 


NOV 2016: 

The return of PROJECT 23 (The UK’s first Live DnB Band) Live in London
for the London International
Jazz Festival:


SEP-DEC (WinterTerm’16): 

Marque Gilmore’s “Music Experience” Music Classes for Grades 3-9:
Interactive music activities and music history “shared” in both English and Swedish;
creating recorded tracks of student-generated music (using the classroom itself as the musical instrument!). 


- Spring 2016 thru DEC 2018: 

Featured Musician in the critically acclaimed theatre show: NINA - A Story About Me & Nina Simone
featuring actress/writer JOSETTE BUSHELL-MINGO (OBE) - Sold-out shows from its opening week in 2016 at Liverpool’s infamous UNITY Theatre, through two national tours in Sweden and the UK supported by
the UK Arts Councils and Sweden’s National Theatre Riksteatern. 



Marque has always been involved with the most innovative, cutting-edge musical projects and forward-thinking artists with his patented interactive “Acousti-Lectric Drumz” and futuristic playing/performance style resulting in keyboard innovators Clavia-NORD blessing him with their drum-synth creation: NORD DRUM 2 in 2014. 


Also of note from internet music-history:
Marque co-created and performed in“The Digital Slam” (1995)
– dubbed by MTV as "the world's first trans-Atlantic jam session”
connecting NYC’s famed performance space The Kitchen with London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
via ISDN-lines and the first use of the Free-Midi software
(a co-production with Digital Diaspora, a collective of Black UK artists exploring the impact of
emerging digital technologies within the African Diaspora - and vice versa). 


Gilmore’s primary work over the past 35 years connects ancient musical traditions,
modern music and technology in performance & production: “Science- Friction-Drum-and-Space”
earning him Single of The Week in both the UK’s NME & MixMag for Project 23’s first single
“Pleasure & the Pain”
(1997). This work continues with new VR- based projects and interactive-theatre and art installation disciplines. Marque has been at the forefront of innovative international music and
multi-media-performance for decades and the recipient of unique arts funding and support from
organizations such as: BRITISH COUNCIL; BBC & BBC Radio-3; ARTS COUNCIL of ENGLAND;
The UK Department for Education and Employment (DfEE); The Department for International Development (DfID); PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY FOUNDATION for New Music (PRSF); Contemporary Music Network (CMN);
The Barbican Centre; Serious International (UK); Ocean Music Trust (UK); MTV & Channel-V (India);
RADIO FRANCE (Rfi); RAI RADIO International (Rome, Italy); European Union Creative Europe Media;


Absorb & Thrive ~ Thrust & Continue



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P..S..3 (“The Pan-Scandinavian Trio”) - KULT-U-REAL Live Ensemble Project Website: 


 SPOTIFY Feature
Marque Gilmore presents DRUM-FM “CREATION STEP” - Special Edition Double-CD 


featured track: “WE ARE HERE” ~ David Gilmore & Marque Gilmore featuring Sharrif Simmons