Greetings, All Tribalists! Some news about upcoming gig and connections: NEW PROJECT 2015-2016: KULT-U-REAL™ presents RHYTHM POWER & LOTUS FLOWERS featuring MARQUE GILMORE (NYC-London-Stockholm) with Guest Artist YINGYING HERRDAHL (China-Stockholm) Project & Ensemble Background: KULT-U-REAL brings together musicians from different musical & cultural backgrounds to explore various routes of composition and improvisation, connecting the global migrations of rhythm and melody. The live concerts, workshops, master-classes and specialized "live remix" events are also designed to help develop and expand the individuality and experiences of musicians both young & old, here in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia - the concept at the heart of the project. This 2015 "Rhythm Power & Lotus Flowers" initiative continues the projectʼs series of live international collaborations since 2012. MARQUE GILMORE: A power-house of multi-layered rhythms & project concepts, Gilmore's international music experience ranges from literally pioneering a new musical sub-genre known as "Live DRUM'n'BASS" to re-defining the live sound of world renowned artists such as Jazz legend JOE ZAWINUL, Cuban pianist OMAR SOSA, British-Indian singer SUSHEELA RAMEN and classical pianist KATIA LABEQUE to name only but a few. Marque’s innovative and pioneering work in the UK’s cultural arts scene from 1996-2007 is well known and documented, and has been continually supported by the UK Arts Council, The Performing Rights Society Foundation (PRSF), British Council, The BBC, and more. For 25 years plus, Marque has been working globally as a professional musician, producer and cultural arts practitioner in performance, studio and in schools and universities around the world. YINGYING HERRDAHL (featured guest artist): Yingying is a soloist, playing the traditional Chinese instruments Pipa (Chinese lute) and Ruan (Chinese guitar) with repertoire ranging from traditional Chinese music to contemporary. The classical Chinese music tradition dates back as far as 2000 years and characteristic of the music is that it is often meditative, while rhythmic and very picturesque. A typical song from Yingyingʼs repertoire is like a Chinese landscape painting: deep valleys, misty fog, rippling water and lotus flowers. Yingying was educated at universities in Yunnan, China and has since played as a soloist and with symphony orchestras, pianists, and theater musicians. Yingying has also done several collaborations with Swedish musicians Ale Möller, Niklas Frisk with performances at the music festival Planeta in Gothenburg, the World and Folk Music Awards in Gävle and has experience playing in primary schools while currently attending Stockholm University for an MBA (2011-2015). Press Quotes: KULT-U-REAL / P..S..3 “The North American drummer Marque Gilmore beat the drum as if it were doomsday...he is flanked by a djembe master from Senegal Bambo Cissokho, and a Norwegian organist André Viervoll...And good it is! Their hard rock fusion jazz world music goes under the project title KULT-U-REAL & P..S..3. - It becomes something of a music anthropological study, and that is nothing short of a cultural achievement; Stallet goes UN." - Rikard Rehnbergh, Orkester Journalen 2013 YINGYING HERRDAHL "Yingyingʼs fingers dancing upon the Ruanʼs neck. There is an equally great experience to see her play and to hear her music (Mats Ivarsson, Ljusnan). Yingyingʼs right hand looks like a bird's wing where it moves across the strings, soft and yet so firm. " - Camilla Dal, DG YOUTUBE Links: P..S..3 10-MINUTE Live Promo @ Stallet, Stockholm (04-April-2014) KULT-U-REAL DUET feat: Marque Gilmore & Emilia Amper @ Stockholm Kulturhuset (07-Oct-2013) YingyingPipaXing: Concert in Gävle, 2007 Yingying-Dragonboat: Concert in Gävle, 2007 ARTIST CONTACT INFORMATION: Marque Gilmore, KULT-U-REAL™ - PROJECT LEADER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to eat - Sound & Beat. Yes, the Inna Most is now rolling with Nord/Clavia's new drum synth: the NORD DRUM 2 !!!!! Many new recordings and live sessions coming soon featuring this new instrument, but in the meantime, some fresh custom sound-patches and audio grooves to go widdem'... NORD on SOUNDCLOUD: Many Thanks to Arne Barlindhaug Ellingsen and all the crew at Clavia here in Stockholm - including special thanks to the Man himself, Hans Nordelius - the founder of Nord! Here's what NORD is sayin': "The innovative drummer/percussionist/producer and composer @marque-gilmore has put toghether a signature bank for the Nord Drum 2. Marque has been working globally as a professional musician for nearly 25 years and has a long experience combining the best of the acoustic and electronic world of percussion, as well as being a pioneer in combining and uniting musical expressions from all over the world." - Nord/Clavia, Stockholm April 2014 The Marque Gilmore Bank contains 23 kits and can be downloaded here:…e-gilmore-bank Peace & Groove, Marque Gilmore - Inna Most Blessings in Beats, ============== ON SALE ONLINE ================= Now released on iTunes,, Spotify and many, many more.... MARQUE GILMORE / DRUM-FM Live CD "CREATION STEP" with the brand new REMIX CD: DRUM-FM "COSMIC PRE-SESSION - 72° of Groove" Celebrating the 11-year Anniversary of the launch of the Tribal Broadcast Recordings label and the release of the seminal DRUM-FM Live CDs "CREATION STEP" & "VORTEX EXTENSION" Stay Tuned and prepare for Escape Velocity!!!!!!!! Peace, MARQUE GILMORE Check one of KULT-U-REAL's previous LIVE gigs featuring Swedish Flautist Göran Månsson: ==M==U==Z==I==K== (*NEW*) YouTube & On-Line Videos: Organization Websites & On-Line Archives: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >