KULT-U-REAL™ - The Stockholm Re-Launch

KULT-U-REAL™ @ STALLET - Folk & Worldmusic Venue, Stallgatan 7, (T) Kungsträdgården, STOCKHOLM

Yes, Yes - it begins: The Stockholm re-launch of KULT-U-REAL™ "Interactive Cross Cultural Concert-Club-Workshop Sessions"

FRIDAY 30 November 2012

KULT-U-REAL™ proudly features the extremely talented Swedish flautist Göran Månsson in a live multifaceted & improvised collaboration with New York drummer/producer Marque Gilmore on “Acousti-Lectric Drumz” & Electronics.

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This launch event focuses solely on the musical collaboration and concert performance aspect of the full KULT-U- REAL project in order to highlight the activities for the 2013 season of concerts, concert-remix-club nights, workshops and master-classes designed to develop the individuality of young artists and Musicians - the heart of KULT-U-REAL.

KULT-U-REAL was originally launched at Kägelbanan/Södrateatern in September through December 2005 as a multi- cultural club event featuring international and Swedish DJs, live drums & Latin percussion with interactive computer visuals.

The current location of Stallet as the new home for KULT-U-REAL was a clear decision to focus on the quality of the process of the collaborating artists - from the first sound of the opening concert all the way to the final bass vibrations of the 2013 concert-remix-club-sessions.

KULT-U-REAL Basic Objectives:

  1. To explore various routes of composition and improvisation, connecting the global migrations of rhythm and melody.

  2. To create a unique fusion of improvised and composed musical forms with world-class musicians from around the world, introducing premiere live performances into the international arena.

  3. To reinterpret traditional songs with new music technology, thereby maintaining ancient forms of musical language into the 21st century and help dissolve the divide between acoustic and electronic forms of music.

  4. To celebrate cultural diversity by bringing together young generations and their peers with both indigenous and electronic music simultaneously.

  5. To create primary opportunities for young musicians and artists initiating a basis and direction for a professional career in the arts (i.e.: composition, recording, performance, music technology, media and audience interactivity).